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Rate-Your-Customer.com, assisting the construction industry in avoiding potentially bad customers.
You work hard to make your customer/company happy. You keep your standards high and your reputation good in your industry. It should be a two way street.

Rate-Your-Customer.com is an anonymous and informative, data sharing network that lets you track your potential customer’s/company’s past and present performance history. You want to know that your potential customer/company has a history of being a constructive partner.
All contractors, builders, designers and architects have had great positive experiences, and unfortunately some less than positive. Both are worth sharing regarding residential customers, and companies in the construction industry.

Rate-Your-Customer.com is an unbiased source to help you know that your relationship will be a positive one that builds and repeats.

Rate-Your-Customer.com allows you to print out a report. File your rating report and show your customer that you gave them a positive rating or a negative rating if you are having issues with them. If you are having or had a bad experience you have the opportunity to add to your rating report and change the scale rating once your issues with the customer are resolved.
I have personally been in the Construction field for over 25 years as a family owned and operated company. I, like you, have dealt with all kinds of customer scenarios and have asked the question, “Why are some so positive and why are some customers just not meant to be happy, even after we have done everything possible?” So comes the question, can we do anything to sort out these two situations? Today’s economy is hard enough, from downsizing to finding a new customer, is there a way to try and identify potential problems before they happen?

I have come up with Rate-Your-Customer.com to share our past experiences with you and you with the rest of us. I want to build a data base on customers, builders, architects, designers, general contractors, sub contractors and homeowners. We want to encourage business owners to share their experiences as well with customers, sub contractors or builders.

The goal is all of us helping each other to find the right customers. If you know by checking this website that Mr. Jones of Happytown, USA is difficult and is not going to make you happy, you can move on to the next customer. If you, as a General or Builder, check the reviews on ABC Company and read they are efficient, pleasant and professional, you can proceed to hire them with confidence.

The business model is simple, KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER with Rate-Your-Customer.com.

Efficiency, success, and profitability.